Set up a 2Wire Router

2Wire routers are amongst the highest performing in the market. As a company 2Wire has provided telecommunications companies with hardware, software and service platforms, so you can rest assured they have the appropriate experience to craft a quality router. In order to configure your 2Wire router properly follow the next steps:

STEP 1: Open your web browser and type in the following IP into the address bar: and press enter. This should take you to the Login Gateway.

STEP 2: Next select “Wireless”

STEP 3: Next, enter “Admin” *Note the default password access and alter the router settings is “Admin”.

STEP 4: Click “submit”.

STEP 5: Next, you want to click “Enable wireless interface” (makes sure it’s ticked here).

STEP 6: Now you can change the SSID (Network name) to anything you want.

STEP 7: Untick “SSID Broadcast” if you want to keep your wireless connection hidden

STEP 8: Ensure “Wireless Security” is checked.

STEP 9: Select “Authentication Type”. The default setting is WPA-PSK & WPA2-PSK (do not change this – or change it to this setting if it says otherwise).

STEP 10: Check the “Use Customer Wireless Security key”

STEP 11: Enter the key mentioned 10.

STEP 12: Save

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